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There are exceptions here where visas are not required as a prerequisite before traveling. This is known as VISA EXEMPTION and currently either 3 month holiday visas OR as is the case with UK passports, 6 month holiday visas are granted to individuals on arrival if they hold certain nationalities /passports. SEE – for a full list and more details. These visas only allow TEMPORARY visas to stay. 


These include a variety of visa types, from business migrant visas which involve starting a business in NZ to skilled migrant visas which allows a person to work in NZ. There are a number of variations to these types of visas but in most cases, individuals who use this method to immigrate to NZ, would find the services of an immigration consultant very helpful. Many migrants enter New Zealand this way and once they are working legally in NZ, they can decide to change their temporary status to a permanent status. SEE – for more details. These visas only allow TEMPORARY visas to stay. 


These are visas issued to individuals who intend to study and are granted a PERMIT on arrival which restricts them to do just this. In certain cases a student permit will allow limited permission for the individual to carry out limited employment. This would also make them tax residents. See for more details. These visas only allow TEMPORARY permits to stay. 


This visa allows the issuing of a permanent residence VISA on arrival in NZ. See for more details. 


All visas are automatically canceled when you leave New Zealand. This includes PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISAS. This is why it’s important to insure that an individual has a VISA that allows the re-issuing of a VISA on returning to NZ preferably BEFORE leaving NZ in the first place.