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New Zealand’s Schooling system is government funded and offers a comprehensive curriculum of academic, sporting and skills based learning options. It’s all a very positive environment for young people growing up. Most of our government funded schools have their very own playing fields, gymnasiums and even swimming pools, even those in the inner city area’s. 

Cost Of Living

Many migrants and visitors find that New Zealand’s cost of living and lifestyle are better balanced out than what they are used to. In New Zealand the cost of real estate has often been found to be better than many parts of North America, Europe and even Asia. In New Zealand there is a term often used in Advertising that goes (kiwi made), by this it’s saying New Zealand produces a wide range of consumer goods. These are of similar quality and style to what can be found overseas. Items that are needed to be imported into the country such as Motor vehicles, Computer equipment, Electrical’s and petroleum products are often priced similarly. Often these things can actually be found cheaper here in New Zealand when compared to other appropriate countries. In New Zealand bargains can also be found all the time as retailers frequently have sales, all in all the cost of individual items does not vary much between regions. New Zealand also has a goods and services tax (GST) of 15% percent. In most instances this is included in the price of goods and services and is not charged separately at the cash register. 

Measures and Conversions

To complete you transition to New Zealand, you will notice after a short period of time there is a new set of terms or phrases that’s used, some of these are simple to understand while others can be very confusing, especially to someone who’s first language isn’t English. New Zealand also does things using the Metric system which may be different to your country. 

Kiwi Calendar

Kiwi’s in general, no matter what the month or weather there is always some sort of activity to do. Weather it be sport, cultural, exotic or dramatic, there is always something. This is some sort of idea of what weather to expect throughout the year: 

  • December, January and February are our summer months.
  • March, April and May are our autumn months.
  • June, July and August are our winter months.
  • September, October and November are our spring months.