Licensed Immigration Adviser
Doreen Bennett
License #200901588
Phone: +64 9 479 2598


Will I have a better chance in obtaining a visa or permit by using an immigration consultant?

The answer is NO with a BUT. The BUT is that for some confounded reason, some individuals tend to try and HIDE certain information like a police convictions as an example, from their applications which result in the visa or permits being refused as a direct result of this dishonesty. A good immigration consultant will NOT submit any dishonest information on your behalf which would normally result in the individual having a far better chance of obtaining a visa or permit. It is the experience and knowledge of the system that makes it beneficial to an individual to use a consultant which will save them time and prevent silly mistakes. Using a consultant however has absolutely no bearing on the final decisions made by Immigration Services. 

What is the easiest way to immigrate to New Zealand?

The answer to this is dependent on your personal circumstances. This normally revolves around a combination of financial, employment, age and time factors. This is why the first step to our services is a full assessment of your circumstances.